3D printing has played a big part in the modern world. The way a 3D printer works is by heating up filament, or just plastic. The extruder moves along a board installed in the printer. 3D softwares like tinkercad and thingiverse help you create models. Filament comes in many colors. There are many types of 3D filament such as: PLA, ABS, or HIPS. PLA is weak but enviromently friend, ABS is strong but is not enviromently friendly, and HIPS is dissolvable and is usually used as support material. The other filament types are Carbon Fiber, that is strong, not flexible, and is durable. ASA is kind of strong , kind of flexible and is durable. PP is kind of strong, flexible, and is kind of durable. POM is kind of strong, not flexible, and is kind of durable. PMMA is kind of strong, is flexible, and is kind of durable. FPE is weak, very flexible and is durable. You can also print ceramic which is cool but weak, not flexible at all, and is not durable. There are also 23 groups ofof filament that have their own abilities such as group 5 that is so flexible you could create running shoes or polycarbonate that is so strong that you could create a bicycle helmet out of it. To design a 3D printed model, you can sign up for 3D printing softwares. There are simple ones like Tinkercad and more precise ones like Blender.To transfer the file into the printer, you export the file into a STL file and put that on a SD card. Insert that on the printer and start printing.

3D Printer 3D Printer 3D Printer

This link is a copy of the pokemon Steelix I created


This link below is a copy of a scorpion


The link below is a copy of a cup


The link below is a 3D printed model of a kiddle robot