We all know the latest trend has been this thing called a fidget spinner. A fidget spinner is a toy that has a ball berring in the middle. On the ends, it usually has three berrings or weights. The key to a fast spinner has a small bering on the inside ans has heavy weights on the outside. To hake a fidget spinner faster, you can put WD40. WD40 is a mix or alchohol and grease. The alchohol evaproates after some time in the berring and the grease remains. If you buy berrings online, they might have caps on them, or just sheilds that cover the actuall berring. If they are plastic, you could use a paper clip a take it off. If they are metal, you take a screwdriver and wedge it in on the inner end. To remove grease, take a pencil with a long tip and clean it with a tissue.

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